The Order of the Pretzel

Saving the World One Bush at a Time

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The Order of the Pretzel is the brainchild of British blackrat and his American wife thespis_mellie. It is a spoof of The Order of the Phoenix (obviously), though in The Order of the Phoenix Harry and his friends were dealing with Lord Voldemort, the most evil of evil creatures. In The Order of the Pretzel, we are up against a force far more formidable -- The "President" of the United States of America!

Basically, this community is a place where we can make fun of our president. Want to sound off about the destruction of civil liberties following the enactment of of the Patriot Act? Do you think his tax plan is bullshit? Do you just want to rant about what an asshole Bush is? This is the place. Share anti-Bush jokes, anti-Bush photos, news articles about the latest stupid thing he's done, links to anti-Bush sites -- anything you want!

Daily: Either blackrat or thespis_mellie will post a "Bushism." And we can all despair that the leader of the free world can't even pronounce "strategy".

Before the Flame Wars Break Out:

I'm really not big on rules, but I can see this community possibly being a problem. So here are three.

1) The purpose of this community is discussion, not argument. Anyone caught abusing another user will be:

a) given one warning if he/she has been an active member of the community and then banned, or
b) banned if he/she has not been an active member of the community.

In cases where the definition of "abuse" or "active member" is unclear, the matter will be put to a community vote. We're a democracy, even if Bush is trying to destroy it in America. (We were tired of it anyway, right?).

In order to keep drama to a minimum also, replies to posts by non-members will be screened.

2) Along the same lines, no flame-baiting. If you're a Republican, read the community info: This is not the place for you. If you insist on going ahead and joining AND posting something that's going to cause a lot of drama, your post will be deleted. Well, actually, no. I'll leave it up so you can be flamed for a few days before I delete it. We all need a little drama sometimes ;-).

3) If you're going to post something that will make connecting a problem (e.g. marquee tags, large images), please be considerate and put it behind a cut. I don't care about text, as far as I'm concerned if people are whiny because it's too long they can scroll past it. (People get entirely too tetchy about LJ cuts anyway. "Oh, dear lord, I might not get those two seconds of my life back it took me to press the page down button!")

If anyone has any requests for additions to the bio or the interest list, feel free to email the thespis_mellie at melissaevery @ hotmail.com. You can email blackrat at deathkicker @ yahoo.com, but he gets so much Spam he probably won't notice.

Welcome, dear friend, to the Order of the Pretzel. We've been expecting you.